Stump Grinding Services

When you hire professionals for tree removal, stump grinding is not always included in the package. This means you will be left with a stump after the tree is gone.

Tree Trimming Services

We offer trimming of your trees to help promote healthy growth as well as remove any potential issues, such as broken or dead limbs to help ensure no future damage to your home or property.  Trimming is also important is you are considering solar panels, satellite dish, or even a new roof.

Tree Removal Services

We are able to ensure the safety of your home during the removal process. Utilizing ropes and rigging as well as our bucket truck to ensure we keep the maximum control.  Please be aware that it is always helpful to let us know if you have any over head power lines,  septic leach lines or water systems.  We can also assist you with getting gas, water and electric areas marked around your home to protect against damage.

Tree Service

Tree of Eden Owner, Joshua Guy, has spent a great deal of his career with all things tree related, learning the best, safest, and most effective ways to take care of any tree need that may arise.  He is able to cover any questions or concerns that you may have during your estimate.  Our office is also able to assist with any questions you may have before or after your estimate time and will help you set up your tree work date.  We want to ensure that you are able to trust us to take care of all of your tree needs.  We are here for you!

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